[REVIEW] Herlovito Damask Rose Hydrating Mist

Herlovito Damask Rose Hydrating Mist come in frosty plastic bottle with spray. And did you know that the packaging design is actually voted by audience!

transparent watery texture with fresh rose scent.

Spray suitable amount on dry and clean face. Can gently tap on face for better absorption.

I love the mild rose scent. And i love how hydrating this face mist is. I can go straight to bed without applying other skincare products. This face mist will give instant fresh feeling during day time, so i will always bring this face mist everywhere i go. My face produce less sebum especially during day time and give a fresh glowy look.

Overall, i love this face mist so much, it’s not just a “plain water” with rosy scent but it’s formulated with simple yet beneficial ingredients that give enough hydration to skin and ensure my skin stay healthy and glowing all day long.