[REVIEW] House of M Beauty Saffron Silk Night Concentrate

House of M Beauty were kind enough to send me their Saffron Silk Night Concentrate and I have to say it has totally become one of my favorites in my nighttime skincare routine because it can be used as both a wash-off face mask as well as hydrating sleeping mask.

I normally use this as an overnight mask because I feel that the mixture of ingredients, such as saffron, allows me to wake up with plumped, bright, and hydrated skin, that has a natural radiance.

This mask has become a staple first because of all it does for my skin and second because I’m obsessed with the smell! I normally pat on a gentle layer to my skin as the last step of my skincare routine, indulging that amazing saffron smell, and go to bed. I love that it sinks right in to my skin without leaving any stickiness behind.

I love that one of the main ingredients for this concentrate is saffron. This ingredient has been a staple in skincare regimens for a long time in many cultures because of all the benefits it provides. These include anti-inflammatory properties that help fight acne, to reducing pigmentation and evening the complexion, to promoting glowing skin.

This ingredients along with others like red marine algae and a unique blend of AHAs, allow this mask to target fine lines and reduce skin dullness.

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