[REVIEW] I’m from Fig Cleansing Balm

The weather here has been pretty erratic with the crazy hot weather and intense thunderstorms. Today, I’ve got a review on the I’m From Fig Cleansing Balm.

Quick Review:
1. Melts easily and cleanses well
2. Great for removing sebaceous filaments
3. Smells like a candle (contains fragrance)
4. Pricy
5. Balms are just not my favorite way to double cleanse

This has a typical balm texture that starts off as a sherbet like texture and melts into a thin spreadable oil. Upon application, you do get hit with a noticeable scent, almost like walking into the candle section in IKEA.

My experience
As usual, my expectations for cleansers are very simple: it just had to be non-irritating and effective at cleansing. This definitely fulfills my criteria! This cleanses waterproof SPF and makeup (according to my sis) really well, leaving NO oily residue or drying feeling. It emulsified really well, becoming a “thick paste” that kinda helps to rub off some of my sebaceous filaments. My biggest gripe is not with the product but the category of cleansers. I personally prefer oils cleansers to balm cleansers as I find easier and more hygienic to just pump it from a bottle as opposed to scraping it using a spatula. Just my personal preference.

Will I repurchase
No. As mentioned earlier, I think I’ll stick to my oil cleansers that work just as well (my favs are from Klairs, Hada Labo and Muji) This is also pricy (around USD30 for 100ml)

Recommended for: All skin types that are no sensitive to fragrance. This is a pretty inoffensive texture that I reckon all skin types can get behind. My acne prone skin wasn’t aggravated as I used this in a double cleanse routine, eliminating any chance of it clogging my pores.

Star Ingredients: Synthetic Wax, Fig Fruit Extract, Moringa Seed Oil, Tumeric Root Extract.