REVIEW I’m From Vitamin Fruit Serum

I’m From’s Vitamin Fruit Serum is claimed to brighten and nourish with its 74% sea buckthorn and 1032mg of vitamin c from vitamin fruit content. It also has niacinamide.

This yellowish, slightly viscous, runny serum has a mild scent that disappears when applied to the skin. It feels quite tacky on application, but it sets to a non-sticky, lightweight finish that layers well with other products.

I use this twice daily, on my face and neck, after toner. I haven’t experienced any irritation from this hydrating serum. It gives a softening effect. I expected it would add a glowy effect, but there’s none.

This takes time to deliver a noticeable brightening effect. The hydrating and softening effects are the immediate results. There are better, more affordable alternatives if the intent is to even out the skin tone and fade hyperpigmentations.

The Vitamin Fruit Serum may be a good choice for those sensitive to high concentrations of pure vitamin c, and who don’t mind spending extra time and money to see the desired results.