REVIEW: Immunocologie Vital Ionic Mist

Today’s thoughts are on Immunocologie A brand started by Karen Ballou, a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor who began her line because her skin needed incredible nourishment and care. With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, she created a line that, as she says, nourishes from the outside in. Meet her Vital Ionic Mist. A unique combination of ingredients make up this fine mist. Dattier du Desert oil (a dry oil that leaves skin silky soft), Montmorillonite Clay (thee most mineral rich and detoxifying clay containing copper, zinc, iron and magnesium, Kaolin clay, Illite clay and more.

This mineral rich face mist is great for stressed out skin like mine. I like to spray a couple sprays onto my palm and press it into my skin. Given the clays in the formula, my eyes can’t handle it but my cheeks and t-zone love it! Especially my chin.

I’ve been suffering my hormonal acne since my 20’s and my chin is the first to show breakouts. I’ve noticed a difference when I apply this mist post cleanse morning and night than when I don’t use it. It definitely helps target inflammation and help spots heal faster. While there’s an oil in the formula, the mist doesn’t leave any residue which makes it great to use in the mornings as it won’t affect makeup application.

I also love activating clay masks with it as it helps to further purify and aid in circulation when combined with a mask. All in all, this tonic, while formulated for everyone, I think those with acne will benefit the most. I speak from experience. When my skin is not breaking out, it still leaves it feeling nourished and not dry after cleansing.

Have you tried this brand? What is your favorite product?