REVIEW: Josh Rosebrook Active Infusion Oil

If you’re a fan of face oils, retinoids, vitamin c and plant based oils, and you have yet to try this Active Infusion Oil from Josh Rosebrook then you’re missing out!

This oil features a single conversion retinoic acid ester (which allows your skin to reap the benefits much faster than a double conversion retinol), vitamin c which as we’ve learned, when combined with retinoids, it helps to stabilize and increase performance and it promotes brightness and helps to increase cell turnover. When combined balancing Jojoba oil as a base, Rosehip, hemp, sea buckthorn, ashwaganda, turmeric and more. You’ve got yourself a soothing, nourishing formula that acts as a well-aging powerhouse.

I personally see a difference in the elasticity of my skin after using this oil for 7 nights and an even brighter complexion when used for longer. I prefer to apply it to damp skin, in the evening. Followed by a balm if my skin is parched or nothing at all. And because it’s in an oil base, I find it incredibly gentle. I find retinoids in general, when they’re in an oil base to be gentler than in a water base formula. So using it nightly didn’t irritate. But remember, if you do use it nightly, alternate when using something that exfoliates. It can cause sensitivity when applying retinoids after exfoliation.

I love that the texture is thin so if you’re not a fan of some oils that have thicker consistencies like Argan oil, then you’ll love this vibrant, softening formula.

Have you tried this formula? Thoughts?