[REVIEW] Josie Maran Argan Pro-Retinol Eye Cream

The Josie Maran Argan Pro-Retinol Eye Cream feels denser compared to past eye creams but given that it’s packed with beta carotene pro retinol that’s been derived from pink algae, green coffee extract, pure argan oil, horse chestnut extract, and Hyaluronic acid, this could be the reason. This will be available online at Sephora on April 6th!

I like how the texture looks and feels more similar to a mud mask that is applied to the entire orbital bone area. It literally melts into your skin and absorbs without any greasy feeling left behind.

I’ve been using this every other night since Ive received it (I like to alternate my skincare products; especially those with actives) and so far I’m a fan. It has one of those balm cream formulas that melts into the skin. It’s rich but not heavy. I like this formula in particular because it does smooth and hydrate the under eyes but it’s not milia causing heavy. It also gives the under eyes a natural illumination despite having no pigment to the formula. I also don’t notice a scent which I prefer in eye creams. I’m really curious to see in the future what it can do to help my severe dark circles. I’ll definitely do a follow up review in the future once I’m further into using it.

Overall my eyes look more hydrated and awake even on days I’m not getting the best sleep at night. It’s a plus to finally have a formula that adds in retinol and prevents fine lines that can occur around the delicate skin of the eyes while making sure to be as gentle as possible for such a sensitive area.
This retails for $42