REVIEW: Kat Burki Dual Exfoliating Clay Mask

I’m really feelin the new Dual Exfoliating Clay Mask from Kat Burki. I’m a huge fan of clay masks, in fact, I have more clay masks than any other mask in my closet.

I love to give my skin a deep cleanse/spa like experience at least once a week and clays do that for me. But not all clay masks are created equal. Some are too drying when not balanced with soothing ingredients while others are too gentle and don’t do much. The latest from Kat Burki fits the bill for my needs.

It has cranberry fibers and hibiscus petals that offer a physical exfoliation, while glycolic acid chemically exfoliates. I find the exfoliation part very effective and softening my skin. It’s not harsh and doesn’t leave me red as some exfoliating masks can.

The exfoliating ingredients are married with soothing arnica, calendula, brightening Gotu Kola, chamomile extract, Aloe and lavender. And finally, kaolin helps to purify and give the skin a radiant finish.

This mask is the perfect balance of calming, softening and purifying. I’ve tried using it 2x a week and my skin just loved it.

What’s your favorite way to exfoliate?