[REVIEW] Kimtrue Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

I love using a cleansing balm everyday in my routine and find that double cleansing is a must for me. Kimtrue Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm has key ingredients such as bilberry and morgina seed extracts, papain, and escin to give your skin a deep cleaning and remove all of your makeup. I absolutely adore this cleansing balm.

My Experience:
This cleansing balm does such a great job of gently but effectively removing makeup and sunscreen. The texture of the cleansing balm once warmed in your palms turns into a silky smooth oil. Which I definitely love and appreciate! I have tried multiple cleansing balms that while they are effective have a gritty texture and I cannot stand it no matter how good it is! Something else I did notice and love is that it did not cause any eye irritation! I feel like I have the worlds most sensitive eyes and feel like my eyes are constantly irritated but thankfully this cleansing balm did not cause that! Lastly lets talk ingredients this cleansing balm contains Bilberry and Moringa seed extract, as well as Cantella Asiatica root extract which I LOVE being that it helps to repair the skins barrier! (which we all know I can always use the help!) I would overall definitely recommend this cleansing balm especially for the price 15G is 6.99.

What is your fave cleansing balm? For those who LOVE double cleansing does this sound like something you would like? Lets talk about double cleansing yall.