[REVIEW] Klairs Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil

I’ve not tried many cleansing oils before as I tend to go for a balm but also the first cleansing oil I ever tried also consistently just kept making me break out so I was scared off them for a bit this Klairs Gentle Black Fresh Cleansing Oil one however has impressed me!

Product Overview
This cleansing oil is pretty basic in that it’s only got 6 ingredients in total, 4 oils and 2 emulsifying agents. So if you’re sensitive to fragrance and/or essential oils this could be a great option for you! The 4 oils are sunflower seed oil, grape seed oil, jojoba seed oil & black currant seed oil. Most of these oils are high in linoleic acid so said to be less comedogenic than some oils higher in oleic acid. However, either way it’s not in contact with your skin for long so should not cause any issues in terms of increasing breakouts, or at least it hasn’t for me personally. It comes out quite a thick oil but it also feels lightweight and glides onto the skin so easily & nicely!

I love this cleanser! It’s definitely a no frills cleanser but because it glides on so nicely & emulsifies so easily and nicely it’s great for those evenings where you just want to get your makeup and/or SPF off quickly & easily! It emulsifies into a nice milk that can be removed just with water (if you don’t like using any kind of face cloth with your 1st cleanse). I like to pair it with a microfibre cloth just for the slight bit of extra exfoliation though it always leaves my skin feeling nice & soft and thankfully hasn’t broken me out like the previous mentioned cleansing oil. Wishtrend kindly sent me this but I’d definitely repurchase it! I’ve also been using it for a while and it’s not gone down much so I think it’ll last quite a while! 1 – 2 pumps works perfectly for me!

Have you tried this cleansing oil or the original Deep version? I’m intrigued by it but I’ve heard mixed reviews!