[REVIEW] Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser

Who else has this Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser by Krave Beauty, and what do you think of it?


TEXTURE – quite a gloopy, bouncy, gel consistency (maybe should become better at describing..). It foams really nicely and feels lovely on the skin.

FRAGRANCE – no artificial fragrance, besides the natural smell of matcha – only downside is sometime I feel like I end up tasting it sometime if it gets on my lips, but I guess it isn’t an awful taste either.

FINISH – unlike the Cerave hydrating cleanser I used before this, I actually felt like my face had been cleaned, but not stripped. Initially there was a bit of tingling, however after the third time using it, my skin seemed to have adapted or settled to it.

INGREDIENTS – the first ingredient is Camellia Sinesis Leaf Water (Matcha/Green Tea) – which can I add is amazing for the first ingredient and at 40%. The ingredients on the bottle advertise as well: Hemp Seeds, Oats, Almonds, Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) and Sodium PCA – which with Glycerin as the fourth ingredient, makes for a very hydrating and antioxidant formula.

RESULTS – I use this alongside a very simple routine following a large breakout I experienced at the beginning of september. It didn’t get rid of my acne however my face feels more hydrated and healthier than it has in a while, despite the lingering hormonal buggers.

BOTTLE – a really simple cute design. And the bottle was bigger than I initially expected which was a nice surprise.

DOWNSIDE? The biggest downside is that I’m from the UK so can only get it from Korean skincare websites that make it a little ££ pricer and much harder to get hold of but still not ridiculous and very worth it.

PRICE – I paid £26.29


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