REVIEW La Belle Lune Mayan Dew

La Belle Lune is one of those majestic brands that has an eloquent voice and overall brand esthetic. They have 3 products, 2 of which I’ve had the pleasure of trying. Their staple Organic Skin face oil which is a powerful blend of vitamins, omegas and an intoxicating aroma. And this beauty, Mayan Dew.

An oil free hydrating formula that feels invigorating on dampened skin. It contains vitamin rich extracts and botanicals that help plump and hydrate the skin. It feels amazing during the summer on top of a cooling mist. And can act as a serum on its own (as I’ve used it in the past). I personally love this over their oil but I’m more impartial to non-oil formulas these days.

They also have a cleansing balm called Witching Hour which is a blend of plant oils and Mango Seed Butter. It looks decadent and I expect it to feel and smell amazing. Once I try it, I’ll report back.

There are so many amazing brands out there. And while many are overwhelmed with options, know that when someone launches a brand, they do it with intention (maybe not celebs cause they literally had 5% input) but I’m talking about individuals that put in every dime they had to create something that helped them. And their hope is that there are others with similar needs.