[REVIEW] Lady A Morning Tincture

The Lady A Morning Tincture is more than just a CBD on its own, it contains a blend of ingredients designed to help you start your day. One of the notable ones is vitamin D; vit D is a supplement all of us in the UK should be taking because of our limited exposure to sunlight. Vit D helps keep your bones healthy & can help regulate mood. I can’t confirm if the concentration of vit D in this is a therapeutic dose, however I can say that since I’ve been taking this I’ve felt my mood fluctuates much less. I have recently made other positive lifestyle changes so I can’t attribute all results solely to this, but it certainly hasn’t hurt! It also contains turmeric & rosehip oil which both help with inflammation & are said to support immune function.

With its blood orange flavour, this is a nice blend to take in the morning, the taste is very palatable while still maintaining a strong dose. Only 5 drops are required under the tongue, held for 60 seconds. At £60 for 15ml (60 doses) this is a more premium CBD product than I’m used to, however the blend is more sophisticated which does make the price make sense. £60 for a two month supply isn’t outlandish. The packaging is beautiful, the bottle looks so chic next to my skincare.

I am really enjoying this as my morning CBD, it is something I will repurchase once I’ve run out as I do feel I’m seeing the benefits of the turmeric and vit D.