[REVIEW] Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask

Not sure why it took me so long to try Cica Sleeping Mask from Laneige. Let me tell you this is a must have mask. As someone who has sensitive & dry skin I love to moisturize as it makes my skin feel protected & health. Now this rich cream mask is formulated with Cica also known as Tiger grass the nickname for an herb known as centella asiatica. Rich in anti-iflammatory, anti-oxidants & anti -bacterial. Cica also combats redness & acne, as well as strengthens, repair & restore skin barrier.

Now what made me get this mask is because they have also used the special ingredient called forest yeast. And I found out that the active compound from the forest yeast is even far better in healing your skin than madecassosides by 112%, then boom I was like you know what laneige just take my money I was sold !

I was blown away when I tried this mask for the first time. You guys that first scoop hit different & the rich creamy texture is absolutely gorgeous. I just apply this overnight as my last step in my routine to seal everything in & I always wake up with really dewy, supple & smooth skin. This is a must have sleeping mask if you have sensitive & dry skin like me. I can’t recommend this enough . I could not be more obsessed with it .If you have angry inflammed skin try this mask, be patient & consistent & thank me later. Worth the price repurchasing can’t leave without it.

Have you tried this cica sleeping mask yet?

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