[REVIEW] lilah b Lovingly Lip™ Treatment Oil

It was an unexpected but pleasant surprise when lilah b box showed up at my place. Their latest offering Lovingly Lip™ Treatment Oil is a clear, non-sticky gloss that is designed to hydrate, nourish and moisturize the lips. Now this is not the most groundbreaking product but the ingredients are good.

There is Hyaluronic Acid, Konjac Root that retains moisture and locks in hydration, Milk Thistle extract and Omega 3,6 that repairs and antioxidant rich Bilberry Seed Oil, Vitamin E that softens, smooths and nourishes the lips.

My Experience:
The consistency is pretty thick but not goopy. The sponge applicator is ergonomically designed with a slightly curved dip on the side that fits the shape of the lips perfectly. It is broad enough to pick a decent amount of product. Single swipe is all I need to cover my lips. Anymore and it feels heavy, a feeling that I don’t enjoy. Less is more in this case. It doesn’t peel my lips either, which has happened in the past with many lip products. I think the SPF in lip care products do that to me. There is no scent or flavor to it and that I really appreciate. Can be worn both under and over other lip products. So far I have used this at home as a lip balm/oil.

Also, the crawly looking creatures in the photo are actually Blue Thistle Flower Heads. They came in the PR package. I love these little touches in my packages that are cute but not over the top. Do you prefer lip balms or lip oils? I am fine with both but a clear gloss like this would be easy to apply over lipsticks. Yet to try over lipsticks though.