[REVIEW] Liyu Skin Harenna Honey Mask

Today I’m featuring the Liyu Skin Harenna Honey Mask. This beauty features Ethiopian white honey infused with Nigerian hibiscus flowers! This is a water-less, oil-free, and fragrance free super hydrating and nourishing mask.

⁣The Harenna mask star ingredient is ethically sourced rare white honey from Ethiopia. Infused with Nigerian Hibiscus flower. Kaolin helps detox and glycerine to help with hydration. I have been loving using this weekly (I could use it more, but I am savouring it). It’s a bit sticky, I tie my hair back and use the spatula provided. Apply generous layer and go about my business. I have left this mask on for an hour and when I wash it off my skin feels so hydrated yet clean.

My Thoughts? I AM OBSESSED. I’m not going to lie, a few weeks ago I went hard on trying too many new things and I was worried a few things were breaking me out. Even worried this was! BUT I can confirm now that my skin is healing/is healed, it does NOT! And I’m so excited! This mask rinses off well, and just leaves my skin feeling so lovely. I even noticed that on some of my final few healing breakouts, this helps pull some of the gunk out!

All around if your looking to support small business, you MUST go check out the Harenna! If you love honey in skincare, you will not be disappointed!⁣

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