[REVIEW] LK Skincare Day Cream

All LK Skincare packaging is recyclable and the offer a recycling refill programme to support sustainability in the industry. Their hero ingredients were new to me: Kigelia, a natural plant based extract from South Africa and Commiphora, which comes from a tree in North West India. A month ago they kindly sent me their Day Cream to try.

This cream aims to support improved hydration, firmness and pigmentation within 1 week. Bold claims. Headlines: No major changes noticed after a week or even 3 but it’s a nice enough moisturiser if all you need is hydration. The scent however is not for me.

The Good:
This cream has a lovely texture, like custard. It sinks in so very beautifully and there’s no pilling. My skin felt moisturised without any greasy residue. Love the green credentials with the recyclable packaging and refill programme. I also love that this is a grass roots, female-owned company with a clear goal based on actual industry experience.

The Bad:
The scent is…well…not my cup of tea. Let’s leave it there. Also, I didn’t notice any difference to elasticity or pigmentation with it the 1 week period stated, not after a few weeks of daily use. Finally the website states that there are no chemicals used. Of course, everything natural or otherwise is made up of chemicals, so I imagine this means no artificial chemicals. A personal bugbear of mine.

The Ugly Truth:
Would I purchase. I’m afraid it’s a no from me. I love the idea behind this product but it just doesn’t deliver to the £46 price tag for me.