[REVIEW] Lovinah Blue Butterfly Stem Cell Hydration Mask

The Lovinah Blue Butterfly Stem Cell Hydration Mask will surely make you look like one of the Blue man groupies. The creamy, luscious cushiony mousse like texture with its Royal blue color is definitely eye catching.

Designed to nourish, hydrate and brighten, this premade mask is formulated with Moroccon Neela (blue) Clay, Mushrooms, antioxidant-rich Blue Spirulina, Butterfly bush and Butterfly Pea extracts, brightening Licorice, soothing Gotu Kola along with liposome-encapsulated plant stem cells. It’s loaded with some good stuff.

I apply a thin layer of this sweet smelling, non drippy mask and leave it for 30 minutes or so. The velvety soft mask spreads easily. It dries but never gets bone dry and so it’s pretty comfortable on the skin. There is no irritation nor did I experience any tingling sensation. I wash it off with regular water. The end result is smooth, soft, hydrated and glowy skin minus any redness. This never broke me out. The mild exfoliation does help and the results are instant. Great way to prep the skin before special occasions and such.

My Thoughts:
Now, I don’t really expect any major, long term results from any face mask like I expect from my serums. Masking is an added treat to my regular skincare routines for pampering them and to that quick, instant results which is both fun and satisfying at the same time. These little indulgences bring me and my skin the change and the joy it craves.

The scent is difficult for me to describe. I cannot pinpoint what this really smells like but it’s sweet with hints of vanilla and chocolate. It’s not a bad scent. Also, the vibrant blue color does not stain the skin like some turmeric masks do. So, there you have it. The Blue mask in a new gold, festive packaging.