[REVIEW] LUNEIA Radiance Ritual

This is another influenced product, l saw this mask on Honest skin. Allow me to introduce you to Radiance Ritual by LUNEIA. I’ve been on the search for a good exfoliating mask to use twice a week, to help speed up cell turn over, remove any dead skin cells, brighten up my skin tone and finally to help my biggest issue and total bane of my life the large spot scar/ pigmentation!

The mask is made up of:
Glycolic and Salicylic acid both exfoliate and encourage cell turn over. Vitamin E to soothe, calm and hydrate, Prickly Pear to support the calming process . Finally, for super hydration it contains Sugarcane and Squalane.

So based on the Sofia’s great review and the fact it contained all my favourite ingredients l purchased the 15 mls.

The mask is a fragrance free white gel, looks abit like toothpaste. Easy to apply on cleansed skin. It tingles due to the glycolic and salicylic acid but its bare able the tingles reassure you that its fulfilling its purpose! 15 mins later I removed it with a wash cloth.

My skin looked glowy, brighter, clean and hydrated. I was really happy with the result! It does everything it claims it tighten and decongest your pores too! My skin felt alot firmer. I’ve used It twice since it arrivals and l will continue to trial and decide whether its a definite keeper and deserve a place on my In home facial/ mask Shelf! So far so good!

If you’re after an exfoliating mask then try this one. Do what l did and purchase the mini for £15 to help you decide whether you’re a fan or not!
Radiance Ritual can be purchased from LUNEIA website.

Please,when applying any form of chemical exfoliant you must wear SPF throughout the day!

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