[REVIEW] Maison de Corée MASK ON Aloe Facial Sheet Mask

Maison de Corée MASK ON Aloe Facial Sheet Mask actually fit on my face well and wasn’t too big which was great. It was fragranced but in a nice way rather than being overpowering, and it didn’t cause any irritation when on – hooray!

However, there was loadssss of serum left after the 15 minutes. So much so that I couldn’t massage it all in and my face was still glistening and wet after trying to do so. When it finally absorbed it left my skin feeling a bit tacky. As a result, I wouldn’t use it before going out and applying make up as I would want to wash my face, but it’s nice to use on a night in and did feel soothing and moisturising.

Retail price: €5 for one mask from www.maskon.fr

Recyclability: 5/5
The packet is recyclable, and the mask is biodegradable. Amazing!

I really like K Beauty and French beauty products so this is a great mix of the two as the company was created by two Korean Parisians, inspired by their hometown of Seoul. It’s also paraben and sulphate free which is great. However, I can’t find if Maison de Corée are cruelty free so until I know that I won’t personally buy it again.