REVIEW MAXCLINIC Time Return Melatonin Cream

Melatonin, when applied topically, is claimed to repair the skin. Maxclinic makes such a claim in their Time Return Melatonin Cream. This has a cream consistency that’s easily spread and absorbed. I only use a pea-size amount, so it’s not too heavy on my oily skin.

I’m not new to melatonin supplements. I take melatonin tablets whenever I couldn’t sleep, which often is the case. It gives me vivid and strange dreams, though. I like melatonin, and I got curious when I read that it’s used as a skincare ingredient, too.

This cream is claimed to address visible signs of ageing, revitalize dull skin, soften rough areas, and improve skin hydration. These skin concerns can be aggravated by lack of sleep, and here’s where melatonin does its work:

Melatonin is claimed to trigger the skin to get into its repair-mode, which is optimized when we are asleep. This cream also has niacinamide and adenosine, adding to its brightening and smoothening properties.

I see that this melatonin cream delivers quick results. It does provide skin hydration and makes my skin look less dull through the cream’s plumping and glowy effects. What I don’t like is that it can feel oily after a while, which is uncomfortable for my already oily skin. For that reason, I prefer to use this only at night.

Max Clinic’s TIME RETURN MELATONIN CREAM is available on Yesstyle.