REVIEW: MEDICUBE Super CICA Water-in Toner

Similarly to cream within this Super Cica product line – or as I like to call it ‘the green line’ – this MEDICUBE Super CICA Water-in Toner is loaded with 7 Centella Asiatica derivatives. This much loved plant extract which most of us are familiar with by now, has been combined with Ectoin® – ” a natural ingredient found in organisms that survive in extreme environments such as deserts and salt lakes. They are highly effective in supplying skin moisture”. This specialist ingredient is sourced from Germany. It took 30 years worth of research conducted together with Bitop, to be able to make the most of it’s skin hydrating benefits in some of Medicube’s best-selling skincare products.⁣

From my point of view, this toner is certainly worth trying if you have oily, combination or acne-prone skin. It draws in that much needed hydration which these skin types crave in order to stay balanced. Of course it’s a huge plus that this toner does more than just balance skin’s water-to-oil ratio, the Cica helps to keep sensitive skin more comfortable and calms down the redness of breakouts, and other areas which need to be soothed.

Because of how well it hydrates and softens skin without making skin feel weighed down, dry skin types may appreciate this toner too, especially if your dry skin is red and itchy due to dehydration and irritation. This formula can be enjoyed for daily use, and works particularly well for layering or for toner pad masking.

1. It’s very refreshing when used in the morning as a replacement to a cleanser if you don’t necessarily have to wash your face in the morning.⁣
2. It’s scent is almost undetectable.⁣
3. Not sticky.⁣