REVIEW Medicube Zero Pore One Day Serum

The Medicube Zero Pore One Day Serum does not focus on a making pores unrealistically undetectable. It concentrates on the possible which is smoothing out skin texture and unclogging pores (to an extent) with a mixture of Hydroxy Acids.

Pores can appear smaller or tighter upon removal of impurities through cleansing and with the use of other pore care products/ingredients. Although it is an illusion that pores are ever closed. They are still open, but are simply less enlarged due to the reduced amount of sebum, debris, dead skin cells, etc.

This new serum from Medicube contains a mixture of AHA, BHA, & PHA, totalling to 15.2%. It refines skin texture and gives a helping hand in exfoliating away accumulated dead skin cells and impurities within pores that have been missed through facial cleansing. By using this serum twice weekly, it helps to reduce the build-up of dead skin cells and other acne forming contributors.

2 non-consecutive days into using this serum I have seen a reduction in the number of blackheads at the surface of my nose/t-zone area. Although it is important to recognise that the sebaceous filaments which line the inside of pores are absolutely NORMAL to have, and cannot be removed permanently or in their entirety. They are necessary for maintaining a healthy oil balance within skin.