[REVIEW] Medik8 Bakuchiol Peptides

This newly launched Bakuchiol Peptides from Medik8 Australia is made with 1.25% pure Bakuchiol, and according to Medik8, the strength is comparable to their Retinol 3TR Intense with a boosted 0.3% pure vitamin A, but the Bakuchiol Peptides is without any of the irritations usually caused by the retinol.

I do love how the light oil based serum absorbs quickly without greasiness , and leaves my skin soft and smooth. Long term it promises to help fight signs of ageing including lines and wrinkles, even skin tone, and glowing skin.

For me, retinol will always be retinol. My skin tolerates retinol very well and over the years its gotten used to the highest strength, the Crystal Retinal 10, its amazing – I can see the incredible effect it has on my skin, from signs of ageing, pigmentation to breakouts, so I am not looking at replacing it anytime soon – but if you’re looking for a gentle yet effective or simply a natural alternative to retinol, they you really must try this one!

Have you tried this newbie from Medik8 ?

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