[REVIEW] Meta Foret 12PM Calming Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++

The Meta Foret 12PM Calming Sunscreen is physical sunscreen with a light, non-sticky texture and no white cast. SPF50+ PA+++ chemical sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays. In all seasons, a mixture of two types of sun cream protects your skin from UV rays. Some key ingredients, besides the sun protection, are centella, cypress leaf extract, aloe, and dipotassium glycyrrhizate.

How to use:
I apply the sunscreen as the last step of my morning skincare routine. It’s creamy, but relatively lightweight. Spreads easily and feels a little cooling. It dries down pretty quickly-leaves a dewy finish. It provides some moisture, which I find adequate enough for my combination skin (oilier in summer).

1. Unscented
2. Glide really nice on the skin
3. Doesn’t burn my eyes even after 2 -3 reapply
4. Cool sensation first 2 minutes after application

1. Leave me greasy that I don’t even want to reapply a second time maybe is best that I leave it for the wintertime to use it, too hydrating for the summertime.
2. It is not a big deal for me but it does leave a slight white tint, which is expected from a physical sunscreen, it is not that bad of a tint but for someone who is of darker skin tone than me, may not like it.

My Experience:
This sunscreen feels more like a moisturizer than what other sunscreen feels give. It glides on nicely and the weirdest thing which is a good thing, the first couple minutes you put it on if you pay attention you can feel a cool sensation it doesn’t last long but still a good thing. Also another thing it is a hybrid sunscreen physical + chemical. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy/oily. And does not irritate my eyes. It’s unscented, but there is a faint smell that reminds of baby lotion-it dissipates quickly. And there’s zero white cast on my medium-deep skin tone. Overall, I enjoy using this sunscreen and would consider making a repurchase.