[REVIEW] Monday’s Child Skincare Skin Perfecting Oil

Monday’s Child approached me a while back to talk about this product! Monday’s Child Skincare Skin Perfecting Oil mainly aimed at oily/blemish prone skin (which isn’t my skin type!) but they assured me it was just as good for dry & sensitive skin. They very kindly gave me some money off to try it.

This product is full of so many amazing ingredients. To name a few, Jojoba Golden Oil (moisturises, helps to clear pores), Calendula Oil (contains antioxidants, helps skin glow & heals blemishes), Rosehip Oil (contains vitamin C&E, brightens & hydrates), Lavender Oil (fights bacteria, calms the skin) and Frankincense Oil (antiseptic & antibacterial, helps to fade marks & scars).

I’ve been using this product for just over a month. For the first week, I used it AM & PM – however found it was a bit too much for my skin in the AM with my moisturiser (which is quite heavy). So I then only used it at night. I put on about 5 drops to cover my face and neck every night. Here are my results. I started using the product on 06.06.20. It has significantly reduced redness, helped massively with blemishes (even hormonal breakouts weren’t as bad as usual!), improved my skin texture, and has made my skin brighter and glowy!

This oil smells incredible too – the Lavender scent definitely comes through, and you can smell the Frankincense. It is a heavy scent, but I love it. It’s perfect to wind down with before bed too – the scent is really relaxing! The packaging is sleek, and the pipette makes application really easy. It came beautifully packaged too. The Nakd bar was a lovely unexpected touch, and I’ve kept the box because it’s so pretty.

I’d never used a face oil before this – but now I’ll never go back. I’m so so impressed with the results of this. It’s a common misconception that those with oily skin shouldn’t use products like this, so I think it’s great that Monday’s Child are aiming this at oily/blemish prone skin – but I would recommend this product to all skin types, even sensitive skin.

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