[REVIEW] Naruko Ampm 1000-Molecule Hyaluronic Acid Essence

The weather in Canada is having a time – its snowing then patio weather so my skin is very confused. Thankfully Naruko gifted my their ampm 1000-molecule Hyaluronic Acid Essence and it is the constant my skin needs.

PACKAGING: This has the coolest packaging – If you turn the lid all the way to the left it clicks and locks. If you turn it to the right a button in the middle will pop up and you unscrew the lid and press the button to fill the dropper and press again to dispense.

POA: no POA listed but exipry is Dec 18 2021

KEY INGREDIENTS: I think the reason they call this an essence is because there is their “5-element beauty factor” which is derived from saccharomyces (aka yeast extract). Otherwise it has sodium hyaluronate, sodium PCA, pentavitin, urea and panthenol – basically a boat load of humctants and products to bind that moisture to your skin.

TEXTURE: Has a similar texture to other HA serums its viscous (almost mucousy) but dries down matte.

SCENT: No scent at all!

APPLICATION: its a “dropper” (more on that later!) that I squirt in my hand and then pat onto my face.

FREQUENCY: I use this daily in the AM after my essence and before my vitamin C.

SUMMARY: Honestly, I don’t know if I’d repurchase because an HA Serum is not a staple in my routine (it is a nice to have). This is one of the nicer HA formulas I’ve tried though so if anyone is looking for a hydrating serum I would recommend. I am also still so impressed with the packaging – I’d feel safe travelling with this and its one of the only dispensers that actually gets the right product amount for me with one pump.

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