[REVIEW] Naruko Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Skin Smoothie

The Naruko Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Skin Smoothie is a watery gel with little exfoliating bits of varying size and textures. It is not a peeling gel like I had initially imagined because it doesn’t ball up.

Instead, it’s really really hydrating and the level of exfoliation is up to you. I personally massage it on very gently until the gel no longer feels slippery then I rinse it off. It requires no rubbing to rinse so once you’re done with the massage process all you need to do is splash your face with water.⁣

My face always feels more smooth and hydrated each time I use it. Still, I need to be careful because my skin is very sensitive to scrubs. Thankfully I have experienced no irritation from this at all. I’m happy to use this once weekly to clear off the built up dead skin.⁣

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