[REVIEW] Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm

Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm received as a sample in my Birch Box.

Quality: 2/5
I really liked the sound of this deodorant as it doesn’t contain aluminium and is all natural, which is better for your body.

However it’s quite messy and annoying to use. In the morning I get ready quickly (usually running late!), and so I like products that are effective yet fast. To apply this you need a pea sized amount (you have to scrape it out the pot as it’s fairly hard, not a cream texture as the description says) and roll it between your fingers to warm it up into a ball and then basically smear it on your armpit.

Afterwards I always have some left under my nails and my fingers are a little sticky, so I have to wash my hands. Although it smells lovely, I‘d only use this in winter (or in lockdown!) as I didn’t find it strong enough for summer and I’m not even a massively sweaty person. It does say you can reapply throughout the day, but this isn’t practical for me.

Sadly, after using this regularly it started to cause me irritation and my left armpit in particular became red and sore. I think I must have reacted to either the baking soda or arrowroot used, which is such a shame!

Retail price: £7.99 for 60ml in the Birchbox shop.
(If you’ve been a Birchbox member for 6 months you get a 15% discount.)

Recyclability: 5/5

I really like the idea of this product, but its current design just doesn’t work for me. If it was a roll on/easier to apply I think it would be great and far more practical. I love that it’s all natural and Native Unearthed are cruelty free too. However, as I reacted to it I won’t be buying this again.

Have you tried a natural deodorant? If so, did it work?