REVIEW: Náu Skin Anti-Fatigue Green Coffee Extract Eye Cream

I’ve become a total eye cream convert recently, I never used to use them but the skin around my eye had been getting dry and I started noticing some fine lines. So over the past 6 months ish I’ve been busy trying eye creams. This Náu Skin Anti-Fatigue Green Coffee Extract Eye Cream is a relatively new one to me which I’ve been using for nearly a month now so thought I’d share my initial impression.

What does it do?⁣
1. Provides intense nourishment to fatigued under-eyes⁣
2. Not only is it infused with Green Coffee Extract, it also contains Chlorogenic Acid and Vitamin E, making it suitable for all skin types⁣
3. Hazelnut Hydrolate has been added to the formula to produce a slight pore-tightening effect that promotes microcirculation around the targeted eye areas⁣
4. Green Coffee Extract targets any puffiness and dark circles by helping to stimulate blood circulation⁣
5. This eye cream is a certified natural product. It’s free from artificial fragrances and essential oils to protect the delicate under-eyes.⁣

Star Ingredients:
Oryza sativa bran oil, allantoin, camellia sinensis leaf powder.⁣

I use this in the morning and it is perfect for light hydration, it has never given me milia which some eye creams do. My eyes don’t usually get super puffy but this does seem to tighten and help reduce any puffiness and actually does make me look more awake which I didn’t expect. It’s a gorgeous gentle product with no fragrance or essential oils so would be great for anyone with sensitive skin, it has kind of a herbal smell which I wasn’t keen on at first but it’s really grown on me!

Overall, I really like this eye cream, it’s £20 which I think is very reasonable and I do think it will last a long time – you only need a tiny amount and the pump is so convenient to get the right amount. Have you ever tried Nau skin? This was my first product from them but I’d definitely love to try more in the future.