[REVIEW] Neutrogena Skin Detox Triple Micellar Water

This has recently become one of my favourite micellar waters to use, especially since coming back to work. This Neutrogena Skin Detox Triple Micellar Water designed to target 100% of toxins and daily pollution, so I’ve incorporated this one into my routine with travelling and being around cars more.

I love how gentle this is to my skin, there are no harsh chemicals, no fragrance and it’s also alcohol free – so if you have sensitive skin like me, this is a suitable product.

I use this product to remove my makeup and find that it is suitable to take off my eye makeup too (as I sometimes find that some micellar waters I’ve tried can irritate my eyes). Once I’ve removed my makeup, I always do an extra sweep of it around my face as it leaves my skin feeling super soft and looking radiant. It purifies your skin, removes dirt & impurities and just generally makes my skin feel refreshed after a full day of makeup.

I just love it!

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