[REVIEW] Okoko Cosmetiques Diamant Bleu

Okoko Cosmetiques Diamant Bleu powered with a highest concentration of blue tansy + niacinamide Diamant Bleu is supposed to resolve various skin issues:
1. Clarify and visibly brighten
2. Improve skin texture and tone
3. Target the appearance of skin imperfections and dark spots, irritation and redness.

Immediately after opening the jar, I was blown away with the unique aroma (Vanilla, Bergamot, Geranium Rose and Blue Tansy) really very nicely composed, such a mix of vanilla and freshness, which is already so incredible, as vanilla in my mind is going to be a sweet scent, but not this time! To be sincere with you, I was a bit worried that it would be a heavy texture cream, more like a balm (I love balms, don’t get me wrong) but I would love smth lighter for spring weather. The texture is mousse like and airy, lightweight and absorbs like a dream, small amount is enough to feel your skin moisturized and supple. Light blue colour looks like delicious The Smurfs ice-cream.

This luxurious cream is made with calming botanicals such as willow bark, blue tansy, calendula along with allantoin and bisabolol, so immediately you can feel cooling, fresh and calming sensation – should be very nice for irritated and stressed complexions or when breaking out badly.

My Experience:
I was using it for almost 2 months constantly every morning, but I suppose I will switch it to my evening routine as soon as it becomes hotter. I can say that my complexion is really more balanced, the tone of my skin is brighter and my pores are clearer and some acne spots are less evident. For sure it is the work of the whole routine which I am using now, but definitely Diamant Blue has contributed to it without any doubt.

Consider before your purchase several things : the price, which is high for 30ml (but a little goes a long way), the scent is rather bright (personally I love it), and the cooling effect (if you love this type of feeling on your skin). Have you tried it?