[REVIEW] One Day’s You Pore Tightening Cream

One Day’s You Pore Tightening Cream has Noteworthy Ingredients :
1. Witch Hazel Water (Soothing Agent)
2. Cyananchum Atratum Extract (Skin Conditioning)
3. Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract & Diospyros Kaki Leaf Extract (Skin Protecting)
4. Niacinamide (Brightening Agent, Antioxidant)

Claims :
1. Moist Cream With Fresh Feeling
2. Effective Sebum Control
3. Low Acidity for Sensitive Skin

Key Features :
1. Came in doft brown tub that needed to be scooped with spatula
2. Smells like herb
3. Capacity 50ml
4. Watery-gel textured, glides smoothly and have a dewy finish and turns out to a semi matte
5. Didn’t make my skin feel tacky or sweaty through days or nights

My Review
I have been trying this cream almost everyday since it came. I’m kinda love and hate relationship because it was burn my skin when I put a vitamin c serum into my routine, I always love puting antioxidant serum in the morning to boost my sunscreen. Honestly, I expected quite a thick and heavier finish but turned out it is quite lightweight. If I need extra hydration, I will pat 3 layers of this cream skipping my sleeping pack and I always woke up to a plump well hydrated skin the next morning. This cream also layered well with my other products and sunscreens. Overall I’m satisfied with this cream and my skin will thank me later. Oh and here the final results of my face using the whole line of One Day’s You Pore Tightening.

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