[REVIEW] Organic Touch Lychee Geranium Lip Polish and Balm

Lychee Geranium Lip Polish and Balm set from Organic Touch Malaysia is absolutely my current favorite. Love the perfect combo which is the lip polish and the lip balm. Proudly to say it’s a Malaysia local brand.

I normally scrub my lips with lip polish a few times per week. It does exfoliate well but not harsh at all. The sugar scrub has a pretty nice texture. It sticks well to the lips during the process and the application is a no hassle. I prefer to apply on wet lips and the texture melts after use. I can see my lips become soft and pinkish. It perfectly eliminates dry and dead skin cells.

This is the best lip balm that anyone could have been looking for. I love the texture so much. It doesn’t feel oily yet still providing long-lasting moisture to the lips. It keeps my lips moist and not crack even staying under AC for quite some time. This more to matte-finished texture doesn’t mess up with lipstick application which something I’m grateful the most. I can reapply on top of my lipstick and the colour doesn’t move. For me, this is the best lip balm I’ve ever tried. Plus, I really like the fruity scent from lychee geranium. I saved tutorial on my story highlight.

Go get them now because they are on sale!

Comfortable texture
Gentle and moisturizing
Healing chapped and dry lips
Natural and homemade products

Recommended to all.

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