[REVIEW] Overt Skincare The Hydrator

Quench is such an underrated word and when it comes to skincare I’m here for it. As someone who had dry, dehydrated, flaky, itchy skin and didn’t know until a couple months ago, I take skin hydration seriously. Overt Skincare recently sent me one of their serums – The Hydrator. This serum is designed to help skin retain moisture, plump by encouraging collagen production, and soothe. $39USD⁣.

Ingredient highlights:
20% hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica, aloe vera, and green tea⁣

My thoughts:
I’ve been using this serum mostly in the PM. It absorbs quickly, doesn’t feel sticky, and does help lock in moisture. My skin has been happy and hydrated! I have slowly started incorporating this serum onto areas of my face where I have have had seborrheic dermatitis patches in the past, and so far have not experienced any flare-ups (yay!).

Overt products are sustainably sourced, cruelty-free, and 10% of annual profits are donated to Anti-Slavery International. Overt Skincare currently has 5 total serums in their collection. In the future if I can keep my seb derm under control I’d love to try more from the brand!