[REVIEW] pAra Chaya Beauty Balm

This is Chaya beauty balm by pAra, I woke up early this morning and treated myself to a generous layer of this healing balm. With the brilliant combination of murumuru butter, nutrient dense plant oils like sachi inchi, chia seed, hemp seed, tamanu and supercritical extracts of turmeric, calendula, german blue chamomile, black cumin seed and frankincense, this light balm soothes and heals your skin, and it has a beautiful scent that I can’t describe, it is one to be experienced.

I purchased this last year but was utterly crushed because I didn’t get a chance to use it. I ended up with more balms than I needed. Since its purchase anniversary is nearing, I have been intentionally reaching out to it everyday. Luckily, I’ve found multiple uses for it. I use it as an in-shower mask in the morning like I did today. I mostly layer the balm over a generous spritz of the Celimax Noni mist and keep it on for 20-30 minutes before I hop into the shower. Sometimes I also use this as non-emulsifying balm cleanser at night.

This balm is a delight however you choose to use it but someday I will repurchase it and use it as intended, as an overnight healing balm. Since treating myself to this healing potion, I sense that my mind is really jealous of my skin, its asking for a pAra Chaya balm equivalent for itself. I wish I could find something in a jar to calm my mind this morning, I really need it today, but I think a walk out in the nature with Cookie will probably come close.