[REVIEW] Peter Thomas Roth PRO Strength Microdermabrasion Blackhead Eliminator

I have been trying a few products of Peter Thomas Roth and one of them is the PRO Strength Microdermabrasion Blackhead Eliminator. It is basically an exfoliating rinse-off treatment with 2% Salicylic Acid, 5% Micro-encapsulated Enzymatic Complex, Aloe Vera, Kaolin etc. The triple action treatment is a chemical, enzymatic and physical exfoliation all rolled in one.

I apply a thin layer on his clean, dry skin (Our target area is the nose and the side folds) and leave it on for three – five minutes to let the acids and enzymes do their job of loosening and dissolving the grime. Then gently massage with wet fingertips to physically exfoliate with exfoliating crystals and then rinse it off. The mask dries a bit, so moistening the fingers to massage is a must. The exfoliating crystals are not too abrasive, which is a good thing. He experienced mild tingling on the sides but no redness or irritation.

My Experience:
We used this weekly once for 4 weeks in April and saw decent results after second use itself. His pores appear smaller, blackheads were diminished and skin texture was smoother. We stopped using anything for three weeks in May (exams and stuff) and the nose was loaded again. So these products, though effective, provide temporary solutions. The issue needs constant care and attention. I had to zoom a lot to avoid showing his face. I didn’t want anyone taking a screenshot and troubling the boy at school. You know how it is. I made sure he was OK with the pic before sharing.

What are your favorite ways to tackle blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores?