[REVIEW] Purearth Kesha Fortifying Hair Oil

I was delighted when the team Purearth offered to send me their newest launch, Kesha Fortifying Hair Oil. Do you use a hair oil? I don’t mean the scented blends that help you manage frizz or tame the ends, I’m talking about treatment oils that have been used for centuries, ones that over-time maintain/improve your scalp and hair health. Like many others here, I consider myself privileged that I got to learn these simple haircare tips from my grandmothers. Both, my maternal and paternal grandmums (Mammama and Bapamma as I called them) insisted on using a hair oil overnight atleast once weekly.

These hair oils were often homemade with Ayurvedic herbs, I still remember that distinct curry-like scent that I wasn’t really fond of and yet, I continued to use them. Once a week, I was treated to champi/maalish (head massage with a hair oil) that took care of the scalp and my hair – all the way from the roots to the ends. The next day I washed my hair with crushed soapnuts, I never used shampoo until I was 15/16. We crushed soapnuts and added some water to it, that lather was then used for washing the hair.

The result, every time, was glossy, shiny, silky hair and a clean healthy scalp. I now realize that the quality of water, a clean diet, a healthy lifestyle and the regular haircare practice were all contributing to my hair health but my little brain then was convinced that the stinky hair oil was the magic potion that did the trick and since then, I’ve always had an Ayurvedic oil or two in my stash for this weekly ritual. I’m sure every South Asian has a similar story and possibly a family recipe that has been passed from one generation to another. I think with Mother’s day right around the corner, the timing is simply perfect to honor our mums and grandmums by indulging in this practice of hair oiling, just in case you haven’t done so in a long time.

Kesha which means hair, is an oil that blends the two worlds together – the old and the new beautifully. It has the Ayurvedic herbs that my grandma would approve of, making this one solid formula but surprisingly the scent feels like a hair spa treatment.

I was immediately drawn to its scent, as you work this silky smooth oil, you will notice that it imparts a subtle scent of fresh Jasmine and Lavender, not overpowering in anyway. With her deep knowledge of Ayurveda, Kavita has chosen a herb complex, that is solar infused in a blend of Sunflower, Sesame and Coconut oil. The oil has a smooth texture, a luxurious feel to it that makes it easy to work with and did I tell you, it has a pink hue to it which is a natural color. So far, I’ve used it three times and this has fit into my minimal haircare routine beautifully. The weekly hair oiling ritual with Kesha followed by a hair wash with ABHATI Suisse Yamuna and Mahakali is all that I do for my hair. I’m a haircare minimalist, I have not colored it, never chemically treated it neither do I use heat often to style it. This simple routine has been working for me for all these years, and my hair isn’t complaining neither am I. I can only hope that someday, relationship with my skin and body will be as secure as the one I have with my hair. I know what it needs and give it just that, it responds with the same level of understanding and kindness. I guess I have to learn to listen to my skin and body better, it’s a work in progress.