REVIEW Purito DermHA-3 Liquid

Today I’m reviewing the Purito DermHA-3 Liquid which is a lovely blue color! Unlike traditional Hyaluronic acid toners, this is very watery with no viscosity. It layers very well (3 layers feels nice too) and doesn’t leave your skin sticky or greasy.

Star Ingredients:
Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, Allantoin Malachite Extract, Madecassoside, Asiaticoside, Madecassic Acid, Asiatic Acid, Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate.

1. Watery texture – surprising for a HA toner
2. Very layerable and non sticky
3. Plumping and deeply hydrating
4. No fragrance, essential oils or drying alcohol
5. Slight irritation after prolonged use

My opinion:
First off – LOOK AT THAT BLUE Its beautiful omg. Traditional Hyaluronic acid products hydrate and plump the surface of your skin (I feel) but do not really go “deep” and quench your dehydrated skin. This is quite the opposite. The watery texture really helps this to deeply hydrate and still bring that HA plumping effect. This has a high concentration of panthenol (2nd ingredient in the list) and you can really feel it drawing moisture to your face, giving it a supple bounce.

I did start to notice a little sensitivity after about 2 weeks of use. It’s only around the corners of my nose (my usual sensitive area) so I’m not sure if it’s attributed to over exfoliated or this product. I stopped and came back to this but the issue still persisted. Something to note I guess.

Will I purchase? Maybe? I was honestly ready to say a BIG YES to a repurchase cos I love me deep hydrating toners. But after getting the irritation, I will hold off buying it again. I’ll update again when I empty this to see if it continues to cause sensitivity. It is also reasonable priced (USD21, SGD 27 for 200ml)

Recommended for:
Oily to normal skin types, especially dehydrated skin types in humid climates. If you like layering toners, you’re gonna love this. Dry skin types may find this a tad too lightweight and may only like this during summer/ warmer months.