[REVIEW] Ready Set Jet Beauty Baton

I got Ready Set Jet Beauty Baton from Fashionsta box this month. I got a chance to try it. Its a part contour stick and part highlighter.

Here are my thoughts on it. If you have been following me for a while, I am truly in love with multipurpose products. I have a 5 month old baby and I don’t really have time to work with a lot of products. This is a multipurpose product. It’s a contour stick and highlighter! I love it.

Contour stick is pigmented and beautiful! It makes it easy to use. Highlighter is good but I wish it was more pigmented. It gives you a subtle glow but it is doesn’t blind you. It’s perfect for natural looks but personally I prefer light bulb style. This product is perfect for traveling. Its compact so it can fit in a small bag.

Overall I am happy with this product! It’s multipurpose and good quality. Wish it was more pigmented when it comes to highlighter but It’s buildable. So you can get your desired look , buy just adding more!! Still it does what it needs to do! Does it nicely! Without hassle. Easy peasy!

Yay, so glad to have found a multipurpose product. Def adding to my holy grail bucket!

Whats your favourite multipurpose product?