[REVIEW] Revolution Skincare Turmeric Serum

Today, I’m talking about the Revolution Skincare Turmeric Serum, something I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with.

This was the first turmeric skincare product I’ve used, and I was really excited to because of it’s radiance function. The serum is designed to refresh and illuminate your skin, while also encouraging it to appear healthier.

Turmeric is known for being a natural antioxidant! It helps to boost radiance and make your skin feel brighter whilst also working to fight blemishes.

So, I mentioned about having a love/hate relationship with this product. With it, I really love how it leaves my skin feeling, I feel it’s brighter to look at after use. On the other hand, I hate the smell of it so much and I find that the texture of the product is a bit too thick for my liking – not as easy to apply.

I love Revolution Skincare just not this product as much as others, I certainly don’t find myself reaching to it like I should. If I’m looking for more radiant or illuminated skin, I personally go for something more Vitamin C based instead.

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