[REVIEW] RiRe Fork Eyebrow Tint 01 Grey Brown

RiRe Fork Eyebrow Tint 01 Grey Brown is tinted brow product that uses a fork tip brush which helps create a perfectly defined and groomed look that’s long lasting.

Perfect for
Natural-looking, full brows!

My Experience
I am so glad that full brow look is the trend! Gone are the days when women had to overpluck their eyebrows. Not saying everybody should get on board with the trend (you do you, sis! Every woman is beautiful.) I have thick hair so I rarely use fork tip brow products. I still groom my eyebrows because I realized it’s the part that ties the whole look together. I mean, your brows can tell EVERYTHING.

Usually, I use a brow pencil but pencils have a tendency to smudge later during the day. This product is great for a more polished or put-together look. And boy, did it stay on for a long time. It didn’t move at all. I put this on in the morning and it stayed on for the rest of the day without retouch. Even if you wash it with water, some of the pigment stays on.

The color is beautiful! It’s not too sharp or too pale! It perfect if you are going for an au naturale style.