[REVIEW] ROSEN Skincare Earth Mask

Clay Masks – I have a bunch, I want to try more but I dont’ really know what I should be expecting because the effects can be so varied! Here’s a quick summary of my experience with the ROSEN Skincare Earth Mask.


TEXTURE: An airy fluffy souffle like clay mask – you can sort of see how light weight this is in the texture with all the air bubbles.
SCENT: the scent is from the eucalyptus and it has almost a minty scent from it.
APPLICATION: Using a spatula I scoop some product and aim for full coverage of my face using the color as a guide of where I’m applied.
FREQUENCY: I use this once a week after cleansing.
PAO: 12 months
PACKAGING: A plastic jar – the entire product feels lighter then you’d think.

KEY INGREDIENTS: The primary clay is Fuller’s Earth Clay which is useful for absorbing up excess oil and bleach properties – it is compositionally different from kaolin and bentonite being made primariy of palygorskite. It uses Almond Oil and Cetearyl Olivate (think olive oil) to help counter any drying effects and create a moisturizing and softening effect. There is also eucalytpus oil and coconut fruit extract which would be the call out ingredients for folks with sensitive skin.

SUMMARY: I’m really enjoying this mask! It’s not the MOST effective clay mask I’ve had for regulating oil or acting as a detox but it is great as a calming mask with a little oil control along the way. It has a really smooth light weight feel, you don’t need to use a lot to cover your face and it isn’t super expensive. I think if you don’t want a huge mask collection this would be a great pick to cover a couple different needs.

What’s your favorite clay mask?