[REVIEW] Simple Protect ‘N’ Glow Radiance Booster SPF30

While it’s such a hot and sunny day in the UK today, I thought I would talk about one of my favourite products. The Simple Protect ‘N’ Glow Radiance Booster SPF30, with UVA/B, Blue Light and Pollution Protection.

We all need to wear SPF (Sun Protection Factor) even on days when it’s cloudy! When people say you don’t need it…you do! SPF:
1. Protects your face from sun rays
2. Keeps your skin moisturised and prevents drying
3. Reduces chances of skin discolouration…and more!

The Simple radiance booster actually protects you against so many things which is great, I can imagine that the pollution protection is fantastic if you’re leaving in a busy city.

I just love how lightweight this feels on your skin, which is a huge bonus when it‘s really warm as I hate heavy skincare and makeup products then! This also absorbs really quick and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily! This booster is super easy to apply, it recommends that you only need 3 drops for full and even coverage – but personally on days like this, I like to add an extra couple for definite protection. It’s also great that you can apply this before or after your moisturiser, I always go before.

I love the packaging and I love the product, it’s definitely protecting my face and making sure it stays moisturised in the heat. At £7.99 it’s definitely one product to have!

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