[REVIEW] SKINRX LAB Madecera Cream Infused Double Essence Toner

SKINRX LAB Madecera Cream Infused Double Essence Toner recommended for:
1. Dehydrated skin after cleanse
2. Flaky skin due to cold wind
3. Skin that looks greasy yet feels tight
4. Skin with uneven texture

1. Packaging
According to SkinRx Lab, the Re-turn Line has a signature pink color because pink is a color known to be soothing and relaxing in color psychology. I find that amazing that they put thought into the packaging and design. The whole line comes in pink with bold black font. Very striking and unique. In the video, you can also see that they put a stopper on the lid of the toner. I really like that inclusion. I live for tiny details like that. It shows that the brand really goes the extra mile.

2. Texture and Scent
This toner is so interesting. It’s the very first toner/essence I’ve tried that is dual-layered. You have to shake it to mix everything together. The texture is runny and milky. But don’t let it fool you! Once applied to the skin, it feels very rich. It has a mild floral scent which actually smells pretty nice.

3. Experience
I’m in love. I thought this was gonna be light. But it’s not. It feels very hydrating and moisturizing. It feels like I’ve already put on moisturizer after I’ve applied this toner to my face because it immediately plumps up and refines my skin. One layer is already enough for me because it can be a little too heavy for oily skin. It’s a good toner for layering moisture before locking it in with an occlusive cream. The only drawback is, I find this to be too heavy for daytime use. I prefer using it at night when my skin barrier needs extra tlc.