[REVIEW] SKINRx LAB MadeCera Cream

I received this tube of SKINRx LAB MadeCera Cream as a giveaway prize from the brand. The contest was a long time ago and so this tube is very close to its expiration date. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this cream but I was pleasantly surprised because I like it a lot!

The reason I didn’t think the MadeCera Cream was going to be good is because it was all over everyone’s feeds in 2018 and then no one ever mentioned it again. If a PR product is good then people will repurchase and keep talking about it, right?⁣

My first impression wasn’t that great either. It has a strong fragrance that’s very artificial and kind of like bubble gum. Thankfully it fades quickly once it absorbs. And that’s where this cream started to win me over. It’s very hydrating, deeply moisturizing, and absorbs like a dream. It’s smooth and comfortable under my sunscreen and sleeping pack alike. It’s soothing and has caused no acne, plus it helps me heal after breakouts.⁣

So I actually love it and I will consider repurchasing it once my stash and wish listed creams are used first.⁣

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