[REVIEW] SkinRX Lab MadeCera Express Mask

SkinRX Lab MadeCera Express Mask recommended for:
1. Skin exposed to UV rays
2. Skin thay turned rough and dry by aircon or fan
3. Varicolored face following skin problems
4. Upgrade of skin conditions before important events

1. Packaging
Again, it comes in its original pink packaging. The packaging is the same as other masks I’ve tried.

2. Texture and Scent
The texture is very silky. The mask feels heavenly. It glides ever so smoothly unto the skin. And it fits really well. It’s a little small for me but that’s just because I have a huge face. The essence of this mask seems the same as the one in the essence toner but quite thicker and milkier.

The floral scent is the strongest on this one so that might be off-putting to other people.

3. Experience
I used this one after a going to an outdoor restaurant where I sat in a garden for 2 hours. My face was a little red from sun exposure and I had active pimples on my chin. It did calm the redness but it did nothing for my pimples. It left a sheen on my face that didn’t go away for the rest of the day.

The other pack, I used when my face was feeling dehydrated. It was awesome. I had supple skin till the next day. I agree that this is meant for people with dry skin types. It’s best for quenching dehydrated, flaky skin.