REVIEW Somethinc Holygrail Multipeptide Youth Elixir

The Somethinc Holygrail Multipeptide Youth Elixir exceeded my expectations. At first, I did not expect this to have effects other than a boost of hydration that instantly plumps up the skin. That’s what I was getting in the first few days of use. Then I saw more pleasant effects with longer use.

It does help in improving skin elasticity and the appearance of visible signs of aging. Fine lines improved, but the more prominent ones are still there. I also noticed that it helps open acne wounds (of my own making. pls don’t judge me, lol) heal faster.

This is a viscous gel that is easy to spread and takes some time to settle. It has a floral smell that I learned to love because this serum is good. This can be used day and night, but I don’t use it during the day when I use a vitamin c serum. Vitamin c can affect the effectiveness of copper tripeptide, which this serum has.

In addition to copper tripeptide, this serum contains 11 more peptides. Two of these are SYN®–AKE and Argireline, claimed to have ‘anti-aging properties. I recommend this to those who are looking for an affordable peptide serum. The finish can work with all skin types.