[REVIEW] Sora Organics Blue Calming Facial Oil

When Sora Organics released its Blue Calming Facial Oil, I read through and notice it has one of my favourite ingredients which is Tanacetum Annuum aka Blue Tansy Flower Oil. I immediately chatted with them to know more about it and they were kind enough to send me to try. At first I thought they were going to send me a sample / trial size but here I am so blessed to have a full size 15ml of the Blue Calming Facial Oil.

Blue Tansy has a very close and personal healing experience to me. I still remember a couple of years back when I was on the breaking out stage, Blue Tansy oil from another international brand did much help and improvise my skin. I can proudly say Blue Tansy is a power healing ingredients that sooth the skin. That is why I reach out to Sora Organics because I was simply excited to see this ingredient in our local branded house skincare. Even if they didn’t send me any, I would have purchase it by myself because the experience I had previously just amazed me.

Now, Blue Calming Facial Oil has only two key ingredients in it making it very safe and non-aggravating facial oil even to the most sensitive reactive skin condition. Olive derived Squalane and Blue Tansy Flower Oil. The oil promises to sooth, reduce redness, irritation, and clam your skin out. As we know Squalane is highly emollient type of oil. Blue Calming Facial Oil is rich in omega fatty acids as well, making it an excellent choice to reduce fine lines, scars, textured skin and also rough skin. Squalane is very stable oil and it usually can prolong the PAO of usage. This specifically has 9-months of PAO and I feel it’s great because I usually only need a couple of drops each night and 15ml can be really a good time to complete the use of it.

I think this has no difference to the international brand although that one has more ingredients in it but this give me the same ummph and feel while using it. Even these days I am less of an active acne person, I can still see some benefits of the Blue Calming Facial Oil gives to me especially the soothing and calming prospects. Irritated skin can be easily taken down after a few days of use. I even try using it as an Oil Mask (using more than what is need) like 10-15 drops and massage the oil onto the skin and leave it on for few hours before I rinse it off, the results? A very nourished and calmed skin then after. I do this at least two weeks once to reset my skin condition. Try it. It works!

I love the texture, I love the packaging; the dropper is functional, I love how thin and light it is. I love the scent very much-I am a sucker of Blue Tansy scent and it really calms me down while using it. A few drop warmed up and press onto the skin is what you need. I do mix with my moisturizer as well sometime to give the perfect balance of hydration and water-oil to the skin. Basically I have nothing bad to say about it, I am in fact very happy that we can get alternative good quality Squalane and Blue Tansy facial oil locally with a very affordable price.

If you are not a facial oil person, maybe this is a start for you to give it a try. Blemish prone skin is highly recommended to try this oil, but yeah please always remember, YMMV. My experience towards it has been success even before trying Blue Calming Facial Oil so I know what my skin likes and works. It is important to know and understand your skin needs before jumping and buying anything that is in trend, just always remember that.

Thank you Sora Organics for giving me the chance to try this and I am definitely very glad and excited to see many other reviewers have the same positives thoughts as me about the Blue Calming Facial Oil. You did a great good oil here! Congrats!