[REVIEW] Soroci Organic Rice Mild Lotion

Soroci is new K-Beauty brand launched in Canada and they sent me their Organic Rice Mild Lotion to try out and review. Soroci focuses on hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, paraben free products that helps your skin move “beyond organic healing”.

TEXTURE: Light weight moisturizer that leans closer to lotion than a thick cream.

SCENT: My SO and I keep debating the smell – there is lavender oil so we know that’s playing a part but he thinks it’s citrusy where as I find it earthy. It’s familiar and faint but we just can’t place it. Also I’m just really bad at describing scents.

APPLICATION: I squirt out a blob and dot it across my face and neck before massaging it in (that takes no work).

FREQUENCY: I’ve been using this in the AM but it’s made an appearance in my PM routine when I’m using a sleeping mask.

PAO: It’s not listed on the packaging.

PACKAGING: Squeeze tube with a snap lid. The opening is also not small so light pressure is key.

KEY INGREDIENTS: The all star ingredient is Rice Bran Oil which has antioxidant properties and lots of nourishing and moisturizing fatty acids.Theres also familiar goodies like butylene glycol, ceramides, propolis, niacinamide, adenosine, sodium hyaluronate and licorice root extract.

SUMMARY: This is a really great lightweight moisturizer – I wish I had got this in the spring/summer since it would be PERFECT for when it’s a bit warmer or people with oilier skin. For the winter my skin is DRY so I like something thicker. It’s lovely under a sleeping mask or any of my chemical sunscreens. I have no doubt I’ll be able to finish this before winter really starts to roll in.

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